Bridal Salwar Kameez

Bridal salwar suits are the conventional choice of Punjabi wedding brides, and can be frequently seen at marriages across northern India. Recently they have transcended these local limitations and become well-known across all over India. The main benefit of bridal salwar kameez over the other Indian bridal clothing is that they are extremely comfortable to put on. An Indian bride has to be clothed to the nines, and her outfits are required to be quite intensely ornamented and more magnificent looking than any other clothing. In this situation, a simple to put on and relaxed clothing like a salwar kameez is an advantage. Though the bridal salwar kameez comes with many complex embroidering and designs, it continues to be light and windy, enabling the women to appear stunning and enjoy her wedding day without being weighed down by a large, complex clothing. Moreover, there are many interesting types available these days, from stylish looking designer items to the super conventional and highly ornamented types.

Punjabi Bridal Suits

The most classic looking bridal salwar suits are those from Punjab, where this clothing has been used by wedding brides on their special day for many hundreds of years. These are quite special looking, made up of a knee length kameez or kurta, loose pants with several pleats (often a Patiala) and a longer, thicker dupatta. These are usually in the traditional and excellent colors of red and gold, though of late multi-colored options are also becoming quite well-known. Another noted aspect about this kind of clothing is that it is usually emblazoned with some kind of stunning embroidering and designs, not just on the kameez but also all over the salwar pleats and the dupatta. Complex zari, stone and appliqué work is used to make shining styles all over the salwar. The over-all look is therefore very ornate; at the same time, the loose pants and the well-fitting kameez offer convenience and comfort of movement to the bride.