Historic development of The Makeup

makeup-egyptHistoric development of the makeup in the world actually started from very simple things. All started from awareness! What was the awareness about? The awareness by someone that himself/herself can perform better appearance. When a man realized that he can perform better, then that was when the makeup began! Makeup art is basically art to beautify the physical beauty which covers the face, skin, hair, and nails. Of course, in every civilization, there is make up art because all human beings in all regions must have realized that he could be more beautiful if undergoing certain treatment. In ancient times, it seems that the Ancient Egyptian, Roman, and China civilization are the three most prominent civilizations in terms of the development of the art of makeup.
Ancient Egyptian civilization
The ancient Egyptians were accustomed in using makeup in everyday life. Their product that is very well known was the eyeliner that is useful to reduce the sensation of the eyes glare, prevent eye infections in the middle of the desert conditions, and enhance the appearance of the eye.
Ancient Chinese Civilization
For the Ancient Chinese nobility, cosmetics was a must. By several dynasties, nail beauty was something that is very important in the makeup. They also developed a very complicated hairdo art.
Ancient Roman civilization
Bath culture in the ancient Roman was well known. They were experts in creating a variety of lotions for skin care. They were very creative in the use of plant juices to be processed into lotions. The ancient Romans also popularized the use of wigs they got from the original hair of German tribes which at that time were often in war with them.

All developments of makeup that are going more rapidly from year to year are inseparable from the historic development of the cultural makeup that was started by three ancient civilizations above. Eye liner, a wig, and skin lotion are derived from the exactly same things in ancient times.